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Accept the terms of rental and use

Each time you use or cause access to this website, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, as amended from time to time with or without notice to you, in addition if you are using a particular service on this website or accessed through a website This website will be subject to any rules or guidelines applicable to those services, and they will be incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use.

Rental terms

We "Full Screen Art Production" undertake to deliver the items and equipment to the customer as soon as he agrees to the terms and conditions. "Full Screen Art Production" shall abide by the terms of the rental agreement without prejudice to the tenant's right to lease the equipment during the term of this agreement. The renter acknowledges that he has fully inspected the products subject to the contract and that he has received them in good condition and understands their suitability for use, and is responsible to the "full screen of the artistic production" for any damage or damage to the materials. The lessee agrees to return the Equipment at the end of the specified period within the site in the same condition in which it was delivered. The renter is responsible at his own expense for all expenses necessary to maintain and repair any damage to the rented equipment. The lessee has to accept a promissory note for the value of the leased equipment as security in case the equipment is lost or stolen. The tenant is required to show the original ID and verify his data through the Nafeth platform.

Website Editor Service

THIS WEBSITE AND THE SERVICES PROVIDED TO YOU ON AND THROUGH THIS SITE ARE PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS. You agree that the site editor reserves the right to modify or discontinue the provision of this website and its services, and to remove the data you provide, either temporarily or permanently, at any time, without notice and without any liability to you, the editor will not be responsible for the timing, or removal of information failure to store information, inaccuracy of information, or incorrect delivery of information.


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Applicable Law

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